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Mr. David Drori

David Drori 2022.jpg

Mr. David Drori Electrical Engineer

My strong points are extensive knowledge and experience in different fields (analog, digital, FPGAs, power supplies, telephony, firmware), ability to quickly learn new subjects and applications, industrious and conscientious character, methodical and organized nature, attention to every detail, and ability to work to a tight schedule.
I am able to provide a complete solution (or partial, as required) at all product development stages from specifying requirements through prototype delivery and mass production.
I have plenty of experience integrating and coordinating with teams in Israel, Europe, the US, Japan, Taiwan and China.
I have performed many turnkey projects in which I have generated product manufacturing files and taken care of board and product manufacturing, and supplied finished items.
I work well with people and am well able to help manage a product design process at a client's site.
I have my own lab with equipment, components and development software.
My areas of expertise: analog and digital design; switching and linear power supplies; analog telephone line interfaces; FPGA design in Verilog and VHDL; embedded software design in C; writing technical requirements and test specifications documents at chip, board and product level; applying international safety, EMC and telephony Standards; troubleshooting and root-cause analysis at chip, board and product levels; man-machine interface design; product and device documentation at end-user and engineering levels; and patent-drafting.
In summary, I have a reputation of completing designs that work right first time and on time, and which are accompanied by full documentation.

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