Liat Tal

Liat Tal, Consultant

Liat specializes in sourcing and recruitment services for Hi-tech companies, startups, and medical organizations.
Liat has M.Sc. in Biotechnology, yet her passion for people and their value to business success led her to work in HR for the past 7 years.

The core principles of her work method are: 
Learning - always first research the company, products, and needs. Liat dives into the job requirements to understand opportunities and challenges within the role. 
Innovate - use the front-tier of recruitment and sourcing tools to identify and engage with potential talent and map the relevant competitors in the market.
Achieve - propose a suitable match and take them through the interview process to close in a short time. 

Liat sees people as the most valuable (and expensive) company's assets, and therefore, seeks the right professionals to build the organization's business and culture.  People like to have an impact, their work to be seen and to make a difference. Liat believes healthy organizations are ones to lead their teams by a strong vision while enabling them their self-expression and growth.