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PATTERNOX LTD CN 516077401- established in September 2019 and started its formal activities in January 2020.

Based on our patent (2020), we target a new kind of dataset for Artificial intelligence to detect SViR (surface/volume irregularities) by our PatScope scanner for any kind of surfaces targeting skin tissue (cosmetics) and lesions SViR for skin cancer diagnosis. 

During 2020, we established numerous contacts with leading hospitals and key opinion leaders (KOL) for Clinical Trials, as well as connections with manufacturers and distributors. 


Accomplished to date:

* New patent submission in 2020

* Established new LAB

* Business plan and business model developed

* Regulatory strategy initiated

* Preparations made for the next round (pre-seed money).

* New BETA Prototype, hardware, software, and embedded software on a microcontroller.

* Prototype is already working in USA and Israel. 

* Data presented at research conferences and published in peer-reviewed articles.

PatScope Software 2021


PatScope BETA models 2021


PatScope's imagings of surface irregularities

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