Our passion is to save lives and save families from unnecessary sorrow


Dr. Ofir Aharon

Invested in technologies, 9 real estate deals, and algorithms for financing. Managed projects in Elop.


Dr. Yehuda Kleiner

National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Construction Research Center (CRC).

Principal Research Officer.


Dr. Richard Lopchinsky

A board-certified general surgeon in both the United States and Israel (FACS).  28 years performing soft tissue surgical oncology.


Mr. Joseph Shachar

Health care. Management.


PATTERNOX LTD CN 516077401- established in September 2019 by Dr. Aharon and started its formal activities in January 2020.

We target a new kind of dataset for Artificial intelligence to detect SViR (surface/volume irregularities) by our PatScope scanner for any kind of surfaces as well as skin tissue for cosmetics and lesions anomalies for diagnostic.

We established numerous contacts with leading hospitals and KOL's for the Clinical Trials, as well as good connections with manufacturers and distributors. 

Accomplished to date, a well-organized business plan and business model, new patent submission, regulatory strategy and Pre-seed money for next Round preparations.

Save lives Save Families