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PATTERNOX LTD is a new Israeli start-up that developed an innovative imaging method, capable of extracting lesion distortions. Our imaging of distortion does not rely on the ubiquitous mole color change but on distortions occurring below the skin surface. The imaging reveals early indicators, well before it progresses into a cancerous condition or cosmetic concern. FDA approval and sales in 2 years from investment.

Market: Clinics and centers, Dermatologists, General practitioners (GPs), Beauticians, and home users. 

accomplished to date

✔ We've been chosen to be part of the Singapore-Israeli delegation 2023.

✔ Won a contest by Vision-Elements (AI).

✔ Although for future interest, we passed the scrutinization of Josseph Sassoon Group.

✔ Clinical trial with over 440 scans.

✔ Regulatory strategy. GSAP.

Patent, at a national stage (After PCT and IDS). 

✔ New PatScope Scanner (MVP, trl6).

✔ Business plan, business model.

✔ Conferences presentations.

✔ Proposal to Space Agency to investigate astronaut's skin degradation under microgravity conditions.


business model

  • Sales - of the scanner as standalone and adapter for smartphones.

  • AI - for lesion distortion as decision support.

  • Telemedicine - our dermatologists will assist with follow-ups.

  • Reimbursement - following CPT code similar to x-ray, CT, MRI.

Mom’s melanoma leads Dr. Aharon to invent a device for early detection. 

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