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Go To Market

B2B Market Penetration:

  • Phase 1 (TTM 1-2):

    • Sales team takes the lead, supported by sales development and sales support.

    • Sales agents focus on closing deals through direct client interaction (frontal approach).

    • Sales development team identifies new business opportunities.

    • Sales support prepares potential clients for sales meetings.

  • Phase 2 (Year 3+):

    • Business development expands focus to explore new geographical and strategic markets.


B2C Market Penetration:

  • Penetration through a distributor network.

  • Distributor managers responsible for attracting wholesale clients and promoting upselling.

  • Online advertising budget allocated for customer acquisition through web channels.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Gradual increase in marketing activities to raise brand awareness and highlight Patternox's unique selling points.

  • Generate buzz and stimulate organic demand for Patternox's solutions.


Additional Considerations:

  • Physicians as indirect promoters: They benefit from increased product adoption and may recommend Patternox solutions due to economic advantages and operational improvements.


Strengths of the Approach:

  • Clear division of responsibilities between sales, business development, and marketing teams.

  • Phased approach for B2B market penetration, allowing for initial focus on core sales and later expansion.

  • Multi-channel approach for B2C market penetration, combining distributor network and online advertising.

  • Leveraging physician network for indirect promotion and broader reach.


Possible Discussion Points:

  • Metrics for success: How will the effectiveness of each strategy be measured?

  • Content marketing: Will the marketing strategy include content creation to educate potential customers and establish Patternox as a thought leader?

  • Sales funnel optimization: Are there plans to optimize the sales funnel to improve conversion rates?

Overall, this plan provides a solid foundation for Patternox's market penetration strategy. By focusing on building a strong sales team, establishing a distributor network, and implementing a targeted marketing campaign, Patternox can increase brand awareness and drive sales in both the B2B and B2C markets.

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