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To my parents, Zharya and Rachel Aharon: Many thanks and great admiration to my parents. Thank you for showing me how to feel the other. All my life I've seen how you help people day and night. While raising 6 exemplary children, managing classrooms and schools. My parents allowed me to experience the art of science and spirituality. It will be very difficult to reach your level of giving.

סבא סעדיה-השפיע הלימוד שלי.jpg

To my grandfather: the late Rabbi Saadia Dahari, thank you for being an example of uncompromising study, perseverance, and tradition, our meetings were brief but of high quality, I wish we had more time to study together.


To my high school teacher:

Rabbi Yossef Shukrun, 

Thank you for all the hours you have directed me through philosophy. Thank you for the soft, comforting smile. Your existence always brought me back to a balanced place.

Michal Peretz_my_teacher.jpg

To my fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Michal Peretz:

Thank you for supporting me and understanding me when others did not understand who and what am I. Thank you for allowing me to engage in science and carry out experiments outside and within the school system. This year defined me.

Dad wins presidential price.jpeg

My father wins the presidential prize in education from Yitzhak Navon

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